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  • File 5_EL1_Caloric_Intake_Simple_Linear_Regression.xlsx (8.48 KB)
  • File 5_EL2_Caloric_Intake_Multiple_Linear_Regression.xlsx (8.643 KB)

Hello Team,

For this week, please review:

  • Chapter 5
  • Chapter 5 Experiential Learning Application – Caloric Intake (Launch, open Blackboard within vlab to download data set files attached, and open SAS Enterprise Miner)
  • ———————-

all undergraduate students working toward a major or minor offered by the School of Business Administration are required to have a laptop computer with wi-fi access capability and running an up to date web browser. Additional course software may be available to be installed locally or accessed via Stetson Virtual Lab – vLab setup

this homework must be done via this application.

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