High quality needed a) short essay (2.5 pages, 12pt, time new roman


high quality needed 

A) Short Essay (2.5 pages, 12pt, Time New Roman – Check the rubric for get full point!! 🙂

Choose one of the three following options:

1. Argue for or against Kanye West’s “Good Life” (from the lyrics in the song) is the good life.

2. Argue for or against whether the Insta-life leads to the good life. Does social media ultimately make life better or worse or to what degree (in what capacity) can it lead to a good life.

3. Choose your own example from a movie or a book of a representation of what one might think is the good life. Argue whether or not this life is a good representation of the good life.

For whichever you choose

  • In your analysis, you should include elements that are most important in your view for allowing one to live the “good life.”
  • Give reasons for why Kanye’s life, the Insta-life, or the artistic representation is or is not the good life.
  • Include a point someone might make in opposition to your reasoning and explain how or why your reasoning overcomes this objection to further support your conclusion.

Structure Guidelines:

1. Intro:

-Indicate what concept you will be writing about

-what example

-Allude to your position


3-5. Body Paragraphs

2. – The Good Life

3. – Your reasons

4. – Include examples or quotes to support your reasons

5. Conclusion

-Why do you state this position/ Develop position, what does this mean for your life moving forward or for society?

B) Reflect & Write ( 2.5 pages, 12pt, Time New Roman )

Watch: Either

Audrie & Daisy (Netflix) http://www.audrieanddaisy.com/

13th (Netflix) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V66F3WU2CKk

Before the Flood (YouTube) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UGsRcxaSAI

Reflect and Write:2.5 pages

What are moral questions or challenges highlighted by the documentary?

What does this make you think about your place in the world, your place with each other, your place as an individual?


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