Hrm 326 – week 1 – individual assignment: organizational focus & goals

Select and name your current organization or an organization you are familiar with to complete the following assignment:


Scenario: You have been hired as an outside training and development consultant to help the organization strengthen its existing employee training and development program, which is weak in content and poorly attended.


Write a paper with no less than 1000 words (does not include references/title pages) that answers the following questions for the organization of your choice:


     (Use questions below as headings inside paper)


·         What is the organization’s current focus?

·         What are the organization’s overarching goals?

·         What are the organization’s real training needs?

·         What do you recommend it do about the poor attendance issue?



Use a minimum of “2” different references inside paper; be sure to use APA guidelines on references page showing sources used


Format your paper throughout consistent with APA guidelines. (6th Edition) – Follow title page APA guidelines and include instructor’s name, date of paper and title of course on all title pages – for all weeks

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