Hrmn assignment 2 | HRMN 400 | University of Maryland University College

 Assignment 2 Please read ALL directions below before starting your final assignment. INSTRUCTIONS: • Read the entire case study carefully and then respond to the seven Discussion Questions on page 5. Answer all questions and all parts of each question. • Develop each answer to the fullest extent possible, including citations from course resources, where applicable, to support your arguments. • Submit your assignment as a separate MS Word document in your assignments folder. Do not type your answers into the case study document. • Include a Cover Page with Name, Date, and Title of Assignment. • Do not include the original question. Use the following format: Question 1, Question 2, etc. • Each response should be written in complete sentences, doublespaced, and spell-checked. Use 12-point Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins on all sides. • Include page numbers according to APA formatting guidelines. • Include citations in APA format at the end of each answer. • You must submit to the assignment link by the due date. A missing assignment will be assigned a grade of 0.  

APA Format

Course resources:

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