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Final Projects: Submit by Saturday 11:59 m.

  • Project 2: Create a Classroom Management Plan to outline your specific plans for your classroom to create an environment in which students can learn and teachers can teach. See Appendix for details and rubric. The 8 parts of this project are incorporated into Units 1 – 7.  (350 pts.) 


Project B:  Striving for Personal Excellence in Classroom Management
Considerations that Should Be Included in Students’ Individual Discipline Plans

Topic 1: My Philosophy of Classroom Management
• What is my definition of classroom management?
• What is the primary purpose of a classroom management plan?
• How do I want my classroom to look and feel, behaviorally speaking? What aspects of
classroom functioning are most important to me?
• What are my main responsibilities in classroom management?
• What are my students’ main responsibilities with regard to behavior and classroom

Topic 2: My Theory of Classroom Management
• What are the necessary components of a classroom management system?
• What is the purpose of each component?

Topic 3. The Professional and Ethical Demeanor I Will Display
• How will I comply with the legal, professional, and ethical obligations associated with
classroom management?
• What will I do to establish positive relations and develop trust with my students, my
colleagues, and my students’ caregivers?

Topic 4. The Kind of Behavior I Will Promote and the Rules That Support It
• What behaviors, generally speaking, will I promote in my classes?
• What specific rules, if any, will I use to guide student behavior?
• What procedures (routines) do I want to use to manage the complexity of the school

Topic 5. What I Will Do Proactively to Prevent or Reduce Misbehavior
• What steps will I take to prevent or limit the known causes of misbehavior that might
otherwise influence my classes?

Topic 6. How I Will Support My Students’ Efforts to Participate and Persevere
• How will I speak with and interact with my students?
• How will I make sure students know what they are expected to do?
• What types of activities will I emphasize in teaching?
• How will I engage students actively when I am providing instruction?
• How will I monitor and help students when they are doing independent work?
• How will I use my personal charisma to influence behavior?
• How will I use my body language to influence behavior?
• How will I influence students to do high-quality work?

Topic 7. How I Will Redirect Students When They Misbehave
• How will I use influence and positive tactics that preserve students’ personal dignity?
• How will I stop misbehavior and help students return willingly to appropriate behavior?
• How will I deal with minor misbehavior such as talking or distracting others?

• How will I deal with more problematic behavior such as disrespect and apathy?
• How will I deal with students’ refusal to comply with directions or do acceptable work?

Topic 8. How and When I Will Communicate My Classroom Management Approach to
Students, Administrators, and Students’ Caregivers
• How and when will I explain my classroom management plan to students?
• How and when will I communicate my classroom management plan to my
• How will I seek administrative support?
• How and when will I communicate my plan to students’ caregivers?  
• How will I request support from my students’ families/caregivers? 


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