I Needsomeone Good In Case Analysis And Flow Charts

I need you to read the case study (university health services: walk in clinic) you will find it attached in the materials. then construct a process flow charts for the pre triage system and triage system at university health services walk in clinic.  I need the flow chart to be very clear and simple. with every answer I need you to put in which page from the case you got your information .

requirment for flow chart:

1- I need the flow chart to be drawn from left to right . the first step should appear on the LEFT and the last step should appear on the RIGHT.

2- use a rectangle to denote a process activity. if process times are konwn, mark the process times on the flow chart.

3- use a triangle to denote a queue or waiting line. there is almost alwayesa queue in front of every process activity.queues are an important component of all processes. if queues time are known mark them on the flow chart.

4use a dimond to denote where a decision is made and where there are two or more possible paths for the entity being prcessd to take

6- the flow chart for the victoria hospital unit dose system must be broken up into 4 separate flow charts.

i will attached the case and the note from the class that i wrote about the flow chart

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