In 1,200 words, contrast health maintenance organizations (hmo) with



In 1,200 words, contrast Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) with Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO). What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? 

After researching a variety of health plans, compare and contrast one specific HMO with a PPO of a similar price range, (this means you should have dollar amounts for premiums for one specific HMO plan and for one specific PPO plan). 

For the following consumers, who should purchase the PPO and who should select the HMO?

Healthy young adults

Chronically ill children

Terminally ill older adults

Explain your reasoning. Cite at least three sources, including two from peer-reviewed scholarly journals. Your response should be at least 1200 words. (Be sure that your paper is 75% to 80% your own words. You risk losing points if your paper contains more than 25% cited data / material).


After drafting, writing, and revising the written assignment in a Word document, please upload it to the assignment folder.


Word document named using the following convention: PSY227_M#_WrittenAssignment_firstnamelastname

At least 1,200 words long

Well-written with proper grammar, punctuation, etc.

Cite at least three sources in APA style

APA formatting required, including title page, in-text citations, and full citations

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