In assignment 1, you defined key portions of the voip / g-suite


In Assignment 1, you defined key portions of the VoIP / G-Suite project. Now, it is time to develop a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and project schedule. Note: Please use the project from Assignment 1 to complete this assignment.

This assignment requires you to:

  • Create a WBS for the project using the proper format (MS Word, MS Excel, Visio, or any other applicable format) to depict WBS graphically (see Figure 4.4 from Chapter 4 of the Larsen textbook). Alternatively, you may use a coded format using MS Word (See Exhibit 4.1 from Chapter 4 of the Larson textbook as an example. The example is in MS Project format but the same could be done in MS Excel).
  • Create a project schedule that lists all of the core activities, dates (start & finish), and resources to complete the project. While it is recommended that you use MS Project, you can use MS Excel to create your schedule. Your project schedule must contain at least 30 separate activities/tasks.

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