In this discussion board you are to draft a 1000-word opinion piece


In your studies your coursework has exposed you to different ways of “seeing” the evolution of intelligence. To some, we are moving along a trajectory of evolution in intelligence analysis. To others we see a clear pattern emerging about the use (and conscious choice not to use) covert action. Even others will be viewing critical events in the context of organizational change and evolution of authority. Some may even see intelligence in light of technological developments. Whatever way your studies have led you, they have all been enlightening.

In this discussion board you are to draft a 1000-word opinion piece (defended with facts, examples, and foundational concepts) that reflects how you see past events and what they mean to you, the department of defense, the White House and Congress. You are to have an outlook section at the beginning of your contribution that states what you think the future looks like in whatever way you see it. Then you are to substantiate your views

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