Introduction to sociology unit 3 : due 07.12.2021

Primary Discussion Response:


Unit 3 will introduce you to the key aspects of social class and stratification and ask you to explore the implications of social class on both a local and global scale.


Choose one of the following TED talks to review and discuss below: 


Consider times when you have seen, felt or experienced aspects of social class in your own life. Were these experiences positive or negative? Why? How did these experiences impact the way you see yourself and those around you? How did these experiences impact the way you understand your place in society?


Using the video that you watched, post an initial response within the Discussion Board area that answers the following questions:

  • What is the key piece of information about social class and stratification you took away from this presentation? How does that information broaden your perspective on social class and stratification? 
  • How might you use this key piece of information to broaden others perspective on social class and stratification on a global scale? Please be specific about who you would share the takeaway with and why.

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