It214 final project | Computer Science homework help

IT214: Computer Science and Engineering



Write a Python 3 program to simulate a checkout (register) at a supermarket or clothing store. Here are the requirements: the program must…

o    be able to store 15 items

o    store the price for all items

o    store a description for each item (One word description) 

o    calculate Maryland sales taxes if required – 6%

o    calculate Virginia sales tax if required – 4.3% base

o    provide a total of the purchase

o    maximum 5 items per purchase (for this project)

o    display on screen the receipt

o    Terminate the program on request.

Write a document explaining your project – include source code. Turn in (upload) your document to the assignment in Canvas. Demonstrate the ‘checkout’ in class. 


1.   Follow the APA Publications Manual sixth Ed. Projects/Papers are to be typed (use a word processor, Times New Roman with font size 12).  

2.   Limit your project/paper to fifteen pages, double-spaced on standard-sized paper (8.5″ x 11″) with 1″ margins on all sides, exclusive of title page, bibliography.

3.   Write clearly. Check your grammar and spelling.

4.   Write in your own words. The class is conducted in English; your paper must be in English. Start early.

5.   Upload your paper to the FINAL PAPER assignment in Canvas by 6:00pm on the last day of class. 


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