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Full details and requirements, plus grading criterai, are included in the instruction paper


The purpose of this Individual project is to develop the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for the ITP project.  This involves hierarchically itemizing all the tasks that, when completed, result in the successful completion of the project defined in the charter and other documents.  Put another way, the scope of the project as defined in the charter and other documents will be accomplished if and when all the WBS tasks are accomplished.

In addition (an extension beyond typical WBSs), each work task in the WBS must also have its work duration estimated.  That is, we need to know an estimate of how long it will take to do each task.  (Group summary tasks higher up in the hierarchy need not be estimated, as later on, their durations will be automatically rolled up and calculated by MS Project.)


Please be sure to read the Team Contribution Assessment and Grading of Team Assignments and the Project Documentation Requirements sections of this ITP Master Document.


The objective of this assignment is for each member of the team to individually determine the tasks that will be required to build the IT project for the client organization and to put these tasks into a format that will facilitate your team’s efforts (next week) to build a single WBS for the next ITP assignment.     


Please post your ITP WBS assignment in your Assignment Folder; please include your last name and “ITP-2” as part of the file name (example: Jones – ITP-2 – WBS).


Since this is an Individual project you must do your own work.

Full details and requirements, plus grading criterai, are included in the Instruction paper.


All requirement to build the project with MS PROJECT are in the instructional Paper. Please review all instructions in details before embarking on this project. Thank you



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