Leadership preference reflection essay- final draft

You will begin completion of your final draft by reviewing the recommendations from the SmartThinking tutor. After making the corrections in your final document, you will add in at least three sentences related to Strengths-Based and/or Servant Leadership. You can add a fourth paragraph to address the new topics, or you can add them to one of your existing paragraphs. As a review, your work should include the following:

  • Paragraph 1: Identify your leadership preference(s) and describe why the different aspects appeal to you most. Include specific terms or examples from the resources to identify your preferences.
  • Paragraph 2: Describe what experiences you have as a leader, or your experience(s) with other leaders that support your preferences as areas you want to develop as a leader. You may include examples of leaders that have not demonstrated strengths in the areas you noted and how their lack of leadership in that area helped support your decision. (Sometimes we learn how to be a good leader by experiencing bad leadership).
  • Paragraph 3: Describe how you will use your strengths and preferences in leadership within at least one setting. You may not be leading a group at this time, but there are opportunities to act as a leader at work, at home, and in classes, so you can apply your understanding of your leadership in any of these settings. 
  • Paragraph 4 or included in the prior paragraphs: Discuss how the concepts of Strengths-Based and/or Servant Leadership would or would not compliment your leadership preferences or if you would not choose to incorporate these concepts in your leadership.

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