Legal aspects of personnel management presentation

Educational leaders are often responsible for employee selection, training, and discipline, which requires them to maintain a strong grasp of the law related to these functions. In addition, leaders must be able to help educate other team members who may be involved in these functions. This assignment is designed to help you become more familiar with pertinent employment law and to engage you in the practice of training others in this area.

Assume the role of an educational leader within your organization. You have been tasked with developing a presentation related to potential legal issues and recommendations for avoiding legal pitfalls. Your presentation topic may focus on either employee recruitment or employee discipline.

Prepare a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation on your selected topic. Your presentation must address the following areas:

  • An overview of the related case law and statutory law
  • A discussion of the legal rights and responsibilities of employees involved (in employee recruitment or discipline)
  • An outline of the current legal pitfalls associated with your topic
  • Recommendation to help employees avoid these common legal pitfalls

Generate detailed speaker’s notes for each of your content slides. Speaker’s notes are typically written in the section below each slide. Remember that your speaker’s notes should be written as if you were giving an actual presentation, so write well and communicate your information clearly. 

Adhere to the following guidelines for your presentation:

  • Your presentation must include an appropriate cover slide, agenda slide, reference slide, and at least 10 to 12 content-specific slides.
  • Use scholarly, peer-reviewed sources to support your work.
  • Format your material according to APA guidelines.
  • Refer to the Top Ten Slide Tips article for tips on developing a quality presentation. This resource will support your success.

Note: Your presentation should be developed as if you were delivering it to team members in your workplace. Therefore, it is important that you establish an appropriate context and consider your audience throughout the presentation. Speaker’s notes should be written in a conversational, yet professional tone and include appropriate in-text citations. Organizational presentations are often disseminated to participants or stored electronically for others to view; thus, it is critical that you include appropriate citations to support your work.

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