Life with a white collar


Modern times have seen a large number of white-collar crimes being pursued in the criminal courts and many high profile defendants landing in prison as a result of their crimes.


For this assignment, you are going to select one such case and explore that case in detail. You will examine the various crimes that may be or were charged and how any criminal case may differ from a civil case related to such crime.


Make sure you analyze and discuss the elements of potential crimes as discussed in your reading assignments. What sort of punishment is justified by such crimes and why (keep in mind the issues related to prison overcrowding and limited judicial resources).


Your paper is to be 3-5 pages in length and use the APA format. You should include at least two (2) outside resources in your paper and they should be properly cited.


1. Bernard Madoff


2. Christian Allmendinger


3. Tom Petters


4. Enron

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