Magma software | Statistics homework help

 Godsil-mckay switching using magma algebra computing software
that is the entire assignment. Just a and b

I will like the code itself and the output file.

i just sent you a handbook for magma. that should help. i will also
send you an article on godsil-mckay switching

reply me on this email deadline is today

 only usin magma software
you can download from below link!AkqzJ34ls-q0aby_68humRcfgRE

this is the assignment.
The two things that I want you to do with Magma are
(a) If you are given a graph and a set X, check whether X is a
Godsil-Mckay switching set.
(b). If X is a Godisl Mckay switching set then construct the new graph.
Is it something you can do? what will be your charge?

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