Managing diversity in organizations | BSL 4000 – Managing Diversity in Organizations | Columbia Southern University

 Your charge is to develop a program using comparative research, analyzing the relationship of workplace behavior and employee motivation. Create a diversity mentoring program (DMP) for an organization of your choosing. You may select a current or former employer, church, hobby team, etc.Within your plan, include the following items listed below:

  • name of organization;
  • introduction of DMP;
  • need of such program;
  • benefits of the program;
  • potential challenges (may include potential problems that may incur without such program);
  • justification of the important aspects of employee behavior and the relationship to employee motivation;
  • one inclusion of a motivation theory;
  • details of the equity of social justice and the power to make positive change; and
  • explanation of the plan to implement the program with recommendations with inclusion of the expected outcomes.

Two pages

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