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Post 1

There are three different kinds of sales promotion strategies which are push strategy , pull strategy, and a combination of both when it comes to promoting the sale of a new product or helping other products in competition with similar products gain strength in sales in the business world (Ogden, 2014).  Revamping a product or bringing a product back could happen the same way. When I think of the push strategy, pull strategy, and the combination of both, I think of the Coke/Pepsi war that happens at the grocery store.  Food Lion and Piggly Wiggly take turns putting Coke products on sale one week and Pepsi products on another week. The week that each product brand one is on sale, I have noticed that they have a new product with a coupon attached to the case of drinks for $1.00 off so not only are you getting the sale price but the $1.00 off of a no sugar new Coke product or sugar free Pepsi Product.  I do notice that when Coke is on sale, there’s tons of Coke product on the floor which is the push strategy, but the pull strategy is the sale to the customer which works with retail selling.  Trade selling is apparent with the new product being featured every other week. The next week same thing happens with Pepsi in that lots of Pepsi product all over the sales floor with very little Coke Product on the floor.  Telemarketing is working by promoting  through the phones with coupons on phones and racking up Piggly Wiggly points to encourage buying more groceries for more points to turn in for money off of the grocery bill next time.  The emarketing works through email or also through clipping coupons on the telepad when the cashier is ringing up the groceries. The computer keeps up with what the consumer is purchasing and then offers customers coupons based on what they buy trip after trip. 

Ogden, J. R., & Ogden, D. T. (2014). Integrated marketing communications: Advertising, public relations, and more [Electronic version]. Retrieved from

  Post 2

There are many sales promotion strategies a business can utilize. For this example, I will examine McDonald’s. McDonald’s utilizes many promotional strategies to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

Sweepstakes, games or contests: One of the largest sweepstakes games McDonald’s uses to attract customers is their Monopoly game.  People can earn free cash, food, electronics, etc.  

Coupons: McDonald’s utilized an app now to apply daily deals and coupons. The convenience and budget friendly deals attract customer. Additionally with

Frequency or loyalty programs: Within the app that provides discounts, customers can also earn rewards for free food.

When reviewing the three strategies of Sweepstakes, Coupons, and Frequency or Loyalty programs, they may not be effective for each sales market.

A review of the four sales markets:

Trade: According to Ogden & Ogden (2014), “The trade will purchase products to be used in the development of other products that will be sold to the final consumer, or they will purchase products that help their business operations” (Ch 5.5). Since the trade is not sold to the final consumer, this type of promotion may be more difficult to sell and the Sweepstakes and loyalty programs would not necessarily be an appropriate promotional strategy. A more appropriate strategy would be to offer a coupon or rebate as an incentive to sell the products

Retail: Any of the aforementioned promotional strategies can work well in a box retail store. JC Penny offers all of these types of promotions in order to attract customers. They have a rewards system set up for customers, and offer coupons throughout various times of the year (both in store and online), and in the past have offered a sweepstakes/game/contest to consumers visiting. They have done their contests normally around “Black Friday” as an incentive to draw in customers for their post-Thanksgiving sales.

Telemarketing and E-marketing: These are both two very similar sales, the best campaign for these two forms of sales would be to offer a coupon to the consumer to use online or in store. The coupon/discount can attract new customers and at least bring them to your store or website. The other two forms of marketing for this type of sale are more difficult to utilize. Many people are distrusting or telemarketing and e-marketing and would be less likely to sign up for a loyalty program or enter a sweepstakes/contest.


Ogden, J. R., & Ogden, D. T. (2014). Integrated marketing communications: Advertising, public relations, and more [Electronic version]. Retrieved from

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