Medical office management! final project!

This assignment is due tomorrow, tuesday, March 28, 2013 by 8:00 pm new york time,

Please read before responding. It is final project and it needs to be an A paper!


For this portion of the Final Project, you will be completing a patient ledger, a bank deposit slip, and you will be writing an essay. You will need to download templates from the Unit 8 folder in the DocSharing section of the course.


Part 1: Patient Ledger

  • Download from the Unit 8 folder Doc Sharing the “PT Daysheet Ledger Template”.
  • Work through the information supplied in attachment (Chapter 21 of Kinns’ Study Guide , p. 256, Part II – Ledger 1 Work Product 21-4 (Megan Joy Reynolds).

Part 1: Bank Deposit Slip

  • Download the Bank Deposit Detail Template from the Unit 8 folder in DocSharing
  • Fill in the bank deposit sheet using the information found in “Prepare Bank Deposit”  pdf file attached.


Answer the following question in essay format. The essay must be a minimum of 300 words and include a title page and reference page.

Why is it important to make your bank deposits as soon as possible?


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