Mgmt: leadership in the global context from mc graw hill connect, : a


This essay will be 3000-4000 words with 10-15 reliable references that have citations in your paper. The paper must include the following- 

1. A Chapter by Chapter assessment about how that Chapter resonated or not resonated with you including any models you will be using in your leadership style

2. You can include references to the consciousness leadership videos we discussed in class, the quotes we shared in class and/or external sources up and beyond the textbook

3. You must have a clear and concise, Introduction (good opportunity here to include any shifts from your original vision board), A detailed Action Plan for your leadership 10% stretch, A conclusion that is directly related to the Introduction

4. Remember APA formatting, do a spell and grammar check and I am looking for a level of depth in your paper as to what you have learned about yourself, and others in relation to your leadership. 

Part 1: Leadership Is a Process, Not a Position

Chapter 1: What Do We Mean by Leadership? 

Chapter 2: Leader Development

Chapter 3: Skills for Developing Yourself as a Leader

Part 2: Focus on the Leader

Chapter 4: Power and Influence

Chapter 5: Values, Ethics, and Character

Chapter 6: Leadership Attributes

Chapter 7: Leadership Behavior

Chapter 8: Skills for Building Personal Credibility and Influencing Others

Part 3: Focus on the Followers

Chapter 9: Motivation, Performance, and Effectiveness

Chapter 10: Satisfaction, Engagement, and Potential

Chapter 11: Groups, Teams, and Their Leadership

Chapter 12: Skills for Developing Others

Part 4: Focus on the Situation

Chapter 13: The Situation

Chapter 14: Contingency Theories of Leadership

Chapter 15: Leadership and Change

Chapter 16: The Dark Side of Leadership

Chapter 17: Skills for Optimizing Leadership as Situations Change

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