Milestone 2 011822 | Applied Sciences homework help


2-3 Pages consisting of the following

Overview: For this milestone, due in Module Three, you will build on the introductory information you detailed in Milestone One to draft a policy analysis. Instructor feedback on this milestone should be incorporated into your next milestone and into the final project. Prompt: Using the policy issue you identified in Milestone One and the skills you have developed since Module One, analyze your selected policy issue by addressing the following:  Demographics: Identify and discuss the demographics of the aging population impacted by your chosen aging-policy issue. ● Benefits: Describe the benefits of the existing policy to your demographic/population. Consider the policy’s strengths, opportunities, and/or benefits.  Limitations: Describe the limitations of the existing policy to your demographic/population. Consider the policy’s weaknesses, challenges, and/or threats.  Impact: Briefly describe the impact of the policy on the specified demographic/population, considering the previously identified benefits and limitations. ● Stakeholders: Identify a minimum of two stakeholders of your chosen aging-policy issue, explaining why these individuals are stakeholders.  Perspectives: Discuss whether or not the stakeholders you identified have competing or similar perspectives. For example, do these stakeholders have similar or different things to gain or lose related to your chosen policy issue?  

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