Mo9 internet research | Architecture and Design homework help

Learning about how to secure a job should be one of the most important topics in this class. This week we will only have one topic to research and discuss.

For those of you who may have already gone through a job search for professional careers, please share what you might feel could help with this topic.

 TOPIC:  One of the most dreaded questions in a job interview is to tell about your greatest (career-wise) flaw or weakness.  Heads up, saying that you like to collect office supplies to take home is not the correct type of response for this question!  You need to take a “negative” and spin it into a “positive”.  Here’s an example that comes to my mind.  “I have such a passion/enthusiasm/dedication….for interior design that I find myself going through magazines, websites…..on my days off always seeing what’s current and getting new ideas.”

 Requirements for this assignment: 

  1. Read the topic and then spin your own (either possible or real) negative into a positive.
  2. Comment on a minimum of three classmates’ spins.
  3. Visit sites such as, the ASID Web sites for student members, etc. to investigate what resources are available to help with the job search process. Post your findings in a minimum of three paragraphs.  The websites are where you find helpful job interviewing information that you can include with your post.
  4. Copy and paste the URL(s) from the website(s) used for your research at the bottom of your pa.per.

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When the text box opens for Alternative Text (Alt Text), please add a brief description of what the image is. This will allow students to use screen readers to share the experience of images.

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