More advanced simulation in health care


Simulation in health care often involves more  than trivial skills. For example, modeling all outpatient clinic  operations in a particular facility would probably involve the use of  multiple probability distributions and many calculations. Verifying and  validating the simulation requires even more technical prowess.  Healthcare administration leaders and decision makers must have the  knowledge, skill, and abilities to build and understand these  simulations.

For this Assignment, review the  resources for this week, and reflect on the advanced simulation  techniques highlighted. Consider how these advanced simulation  techniques might apply to specific simulation models in a health  services organization, and then complete the problems assigned for the  Assignment.


The Assignment: (3–5 pages)

  • Complete Problem 45 (Prizdol prescription drug) on page 887 of your course text.

Note: You will be using Excel and @Risk for this Assignment.

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