Nursing(law) help! | Nursing homework help

Understanding Bills and Laws that Impact APRNs

Read about the bills listed below.  Review the history and any changes that have affected their policy or provider practice specific to nurse practitioners (NP).  

Discuss these bills in greater detail, review proposed legislation that is being considered at the state or federal level related to nursing practice or proposed legislation that is being opposed). 

7. Involuntary Admission:

1. What is the involuntary admission? 

2. What is the law in the state of Florida for involuntary admission?  

3. How do these laws vary from state to state? 

4. How does it affect NPs in Florida?

8. What HB or laws govern practice or prescription for NP’s in the following areas?

a. Prescribing Home Health Services

b. Prescribing Physical Therapy

c. Prescribing Durable Medical Equipment

d. Signing documents verifying Disability 

e. Signing disabled parking permits

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