Package research | Computer Science homework help

This project involves identifying and analyzing a Python package and presenting a summary and example code that demonstrates what the package can do.

What to turn in

A functioning Python script that gives a demonstration on how this package or set of packages can be used to accomplish a task.  For example, maybe you want to create a program that scans twitter feeds and gives a social score or rating on particular topics based on positive or negative adjectives used in the tweets.  You may want to use a libraries such as tweepy or nltk to do such a project, tweepy could be used to pull in the tweets while nltk will analyze the sentiment of the content written in each tweet.  

Project details

Step 1: Pick a package

First, search the web for packages and decide what you would like to research.  Below are some examples to help get you started on finding such packages:

Category: Web Stuff

·  tweepyLinks to an external site.

·  flaskLinks to an external site.

·  beautiful soupLinks to an external site.

·  requestsLinks to an external site.

Category: Text analysis

·  textblobLinks to an external site.

·  spacyLinks to an external site.

·  nltkLinks to an external site.

Category: Analytics, Data Science, Info. Visualization

·  pandasLinks to an external site.

·  numpyLinks to an external site.

·  matplotlibLinks to an external site.

Step 2: Write and run your code example

·  Your code must demonstrate a practical use of this package.

·  Your code must have at least one function.

·  Your code must have at least one control flow statement (an if … elif … else loop for example).

·  Your code must be commented in appropriate places and your function must contain at least a basic docstring.

·  Your code must run successfully. Failing code is failing code.

If it seems like a lot to ask in the time provided, keep in mind the following:

1.  You are not writing a full app, you are giving your classmates a real, practical, and somewhat minimal taste of what this package can do.

2.  You can use code you find on the Web as a starting point. The fact is that a well-documented package (and all of these options are well-documented) has useful “starter code” that doesn’t do anything particularly interesting but it does get you started. So yes, you can use that code to start your example, but you must also be able to explain what that code does!

Step 3: Organize your code package and submit

When submitting your code package I am looking for 3 things.

·  A readme.txt or file that gives a brief explanation on how to install and run your code. See this readme page as an example Links to an external site.. Your readme should include:

o  Package Summary. Introduce the package and what it does at a high level.

o  Install and Run Instructions. How to install the packages necessary to run your code

o  Code. Brief explanation of how your code works and highlights of important areas with line numbers included.

o  Future idea. What if I asked you to use this package in your final class project? Describing one idea, including explaining what this package would do in that project.

·  Your sample python code submitted as .py files (please specify in your readme file as to which python file to run).

·  A requirements.txt file that specifies the packages needed to run your code.  This can be created by using this command in your console:

o  pip freeze > requirements.txt

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