Patient advocate training plan | Nursing homework help


A local hospital has asked you to come on board and create a new position in which staff members demystify insurance policies for patients.  You have been given three full-time employees who know little about insurance and need to create a training plan for them to become up to speed in order to respond to patient inquiries and questions.

  • Audience: Three hospital employees with minimal knowledge of insurance
  • Length: three pages 
    • Page 1 is a table of contents
    • Page 2 is a list of topics
    • Page 3 is a list of any resources/references used to create this assignment
  • Create a Table of Contents that list a minimum of 5 topics that will need to be covered (including the differences between public and private insurance, privacy, and other considerations).
  • On a separate page, list the topics included in your table of contents and under each, provide a brief summary of what the topic means.  These topics will be covered in depth over the first year before this department launches for patient education. 
  • On the third page, list the resources/references you used to complete this assignment.  Be sure to use APA formatting for your references.

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