Philosophy assignment 9 | Philosophy homework help

 Assignment #8 – Critical Thinking and Perspective


An important element of critical thinking – and, therefore, of philosophy – is the ability to consider without bias perspectives that are different from your own. This is essential to learning, to analysis of issues, and to the development of ideas.

 Select one of the essays listed immediately below. Write an essay in which you explain the perspectives offered. Identify how these perspectives challenged assumptions you may have had about the issue in question, and explain what you have learned. 

Depression: Ratcliffe, The world of depression-1.pdf 

Addiction: Hammer et al, The experience of addiction as told by the addicted.pdf download 

Abortion: Hoggart, Internalised abortion stigma.pdf 

Homelessness: Azim et al, Mothering in the margin.pdf 




Assignments have the following objectives:

  1. Identify and describe key concepts relevant to a theme presented in the assignment prompt.
  2. Explore ideas in philosophical depth beyond the presentation of course material.
  3. Examine course material in order to develop an informed investigation of your perspectives on a theme presented in the assignment.
  4. Research scholarly sources to help explore and expand students’ perspectives and develop critical thinking skills.
  5. Develop a cogent argument to support your position.


  • All sources must be responsibly cited and referenced. (APA)
  • Assignments should be around 1000 words.

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