Please read “tom’s auto service case study” on page 102-103 and

 Please read “Tom’s Auto Service Case Study” on page 102-103 and assist the VP of Operations to answer the following questions (instead of the questions in your textbook) : (20 points)

a. Define and draw the customer benefit package.

b. What is the highest and lowest competitive priority for TAS? How do they try to differentiate themselves from the competition (identify 3 key service design features)? 

c. Identify at least five key processes that TAS stores use and that need to be standardized across all 32 stores. 

d. Based on the survey, what are two strengths of TAS stores and two areas where you see room for improvement?   

e. What are your final three specific recommendations to the CEO? Do you see any opportunities using more technology? (6 points)


A lot of times in your career you have to present results to management or a committee instead of submitting (or in addition to) a formal document. I would like to use this case study to give you a chance to practice this. The ability to create a well structured and polished presentation is an additional skill that will contribute to your future success.

Therefore the case will be done in Power Point and the template is below the case description. This is a “very raw” structure with a framework, please be creative regarding the design (e.g. under “Design” in Power Point there are various options) and remember some basic rules for a good Power Point presentation:

> if text, then bullet point style, no paragraphs or series of sentences

> make sure the font size is big enough for a presentation

> sentences mainly in form of statements in just one line

> every statement has to be short, focused and precise 

> add some images/graphs etc. to make it appealing

> fine tune it graphically at the end (consistency of fonts, font sizes, alignments, etc.)

> Template attached. 

The case has to be submitted in Power Point, please use this opportunity to practice. Remember, you have a lot less space than in Word (you have max. 5 slides, no more like provided in the template), so you have to focus in your answers on the essence and create strong and short statements.

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