Pro simon week exc | Human Resource Management homework help

Resource: Ch. 5-7 of Financial Accounting

Complete the following problems (Ensure that you use the Excel Workbook/WORKSHEET provided-Each problem has a corresponding tab):  To see each tab at the bottom of the screen, ensure that you MAXIMIZE your screen by clicking on the small square at the top right corner of your screen.  Each tab also includes references and additional instructions (In Blue).:

From Chapter 5 complete E5-7

From Chapter 6 complete BE6-5, BE 6-7 and E6-5

From Chapter 7 complete BE 7-4 and E7-4


Please utilize the Excel file provided to complete each problem.  The Excel Workbook has a tab for each problem already set up for you to complete.  Make sure to complete each tab with the corresponding problem.  


Submit as an Microsoft® Excel® file.

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