Process improvement plan: action plan

In this activity, you will be developing your action plan. Please review the resources in the reading section as they provide specific instructions on how to develop your action plan. The information you will be using to develop your action plan (the budget, the resources, the goals, the time needed, etc.) should come from your previous submissions, with the feedback from your instructor incorporated.

At a minimum your action plan should address:

  • What steps are needed in order to complete the plan.
  • Who is needed to incorporate these changes.
  • When each step will be completed and when the project will be completed.
  • What resources (i.e., money, staff) are needed to carry out these changes.
  • How communication will be accomplished (Consider your audience, communication channels, legal and ethical considerations, etc.).

Consider using this [PDF, 61.91 KB]for your action plan.


  • KU Work Group for Community Health and Development. (n.d.). Developing an action plan. In Community toolbox (Chapter 8, Section 5). Retrieved from 
  • Mind Tools. (n.d.). Action plans: Small scale planning. Retrieved from • Entrepreneur Media SA (Pty Ltd). (2012). Sample marketing plan template [PDF, 61.91 KB]. Retrieved from

Things to Remember!

  • Include justification from your research for each of the parts of your marketing plan.
  • Incorporate graphics such as tables, graphs, charts, etc. to justify your claims.
  • Format following APA guidelines.

Be sure to check your work and correct any spelling or grammatical errors. 

Please follow the directions…

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