Project 5: administration cybersecurity policy review step 10


Use your discussion from the previous step as a basis for the report in this step.

Remember, there are methods that the government uses for quantifying information security and loss. Create a two-page document that summarizes the impact of FISMA upon the quantification within the government, how FISMA implementation can affect the quantification, and the need for FISMA adherence across the federal government.

Write a two-page discussion with the following points:

  • Describe and discuss the objectives of policy makers.
  • Describe and discuss the general problems that limit the effectiveness of vehicles that try to govern cybersecurity.
  • Considering the general problems discussed in the previous point, discuss ideas for improving cybersecurity.
  • Discuss how well you think FISMA works in the workplace.

This document will serve as the FISMA conclusions section of your final report. Submit your Focus on FISMA report for feedback.

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