Pseucode assignment | Computer Science homework help

 The Week 8, Assignment 5 is one of these This exercise, found on page 468, number 4, of your text, asks you to define a class named Automobile. Though the assignment seems straightforward, and the focus this week is on OOP, , I have rewritten the assignment to the following:

Create a paper in Word explaining how to write the pseudocode to include the variables of the VIN, Make, Model and Color of the vehicle. You may write the explanation, create your own diagram and/or provide your pseudocode.  I will be looking for you to define how you would do it, and not a visual logic file.You may use Word or other appropriate application software to accomplish this assignment. A .vls file is NOT required. You will be graded on how well you explain the process through words, drawings, or pseudocode—the choice is yours.Post as you would normally as Lab 5.

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