Question 13 13 1 Through 13 Matching Match Each Statement To The Type Of Coastal

Question 13 (13.1 through 13.5): Matching: Match each statement to the type of coastal erosional feature it describes. Note: an answer may be used more than once or not at all.

A. Surf-cut bench (Wave-cut bench)

B. Sea stacks

C. Sea cliffs

D. Sea caves

E. Sea arches

 13.1 Steep vertical faces of rock formed by the undercutting of the coast by waves and

subsequent failure of slope under the influence of gravity.

13.2 Formed by the eroding flat of the coastline by wave action.

13.3 Feature which extends to the low-tide breaker line.

13.4 A feature formed by wave action along the side of a rocky point, resulting in a covered

opening connecting the waters of either side.

13.5 The feature resulting from the collapse of the feature mentioned in question 14.4

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