Question 3 According To Heilbroner The Solutions To The Two Basic Economic Probl

QUESTION 3According to Heilbroner, the solutions to the two basic economic problems/tasks are:a.tradition, markets, and interest rates.b.production and distribution.c.manorial estates, guilds, and the Catholic Church.d.command, markets, and tradition.QUESTION 7According to Heilbroner, there are two key tasks/problems that all societies face. These are:a.Maintaining low interest rates and low inflation.b.Maintaining demand and supply. c.Production and distribution.d.The law of demand and the law of supply.1 points QUESTION 8As a consultant, you get $100 an hour. Instead of working one night, you go to a concert that costs $100 and lasts two hours. The opportunity cost of the concert is:a.$0b.$300c.$200d.$100PLEASE NOTE QUESTION 3 + 7 ARE DIFFERENT.

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