Quiz 4 | Article writing homework help

This quiz is composed of two short essay questions. Your answers should be around 400-600 words per question. 

Read Kottak Kinship and Cohen – The Disappearance of the Incest Taboo for both questions. DO NOT USE ADDITIONAL SOURCES FOR THIS OR ANY OTHER DISCUSSION ASSIGNMENT.  Please cite everything. You must give a source and page number each time you use the sources, REGARDLESS of whether you are quoting direction or paraphrasing.

1. Would you consider family pets to be a part of your own kin group? Why or why not (use concepts from the reading to support your answer).

2. Why does Cohen suggest that the need for the incest taboo is disappearing? Do you agree or disagree with his conclusions, and why?

This is due August 3 by 3pm! No later than that 

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