Read barrera & kramer (2012) & watch cultural humility (2012),reflect | cad300 | San Francisco State University

Step 1: Read Barrera & Kramer (2012) & Watch Cultural Humility (2012)

Step 2: Identify and list the

    a) 3 Key qualities of Skilled Dialogue (not counted in word count)

    b) 3 Tenets/Principles of Cultural Humility (not counted in word count)

Step 3: Reflect by writing a response ~500-600 words to the following: 

    a) What connections do you see between the two concepts?

    b) Both of these were published in 2012, do you think these concepts are still relevant to the field of CAD, why or why   not?  

c) What qualities or principles do you practice and how do you practice these? Which ones do you want to cultivate or strengthen and why? 

Watch Cultural Humility (2012) (~30 minutes).

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