Redundancy discussion | Computer Science homework help

Please respond with a minimum of 150 words to the peer discussion post below after reading the initial discussion first. 

Initial Discussion:

 Discuss the relationship between data redundancy and normalization. What are the consequences if databases are not normalized? What problems is normalization addressing? Why is normalization crucial for effective database design and development? 

Peer Discussion:

 Hello class,

Database normalization is described as the process of arranging a relational database’s columns (attributes) and tables (relations) to decrease data redundancy and enhance data integrity. The fundamental connection between the two is to eliminate redundancy and provide data accessibility.

It entails organizing attributes in tables based on attribute dependencies and ensuring that the relationships are appropriately enforced by database integrity requirements.

The implications of not normalizing a database are a lack of data integrity and massive data redundancy, which leads to no access to the database. The issue with normalizing addressing is that additional tables must be joined. This implies that by dividing your data into additional tables, we increase the number of tables that must be joined. Another issue is that tables contain codes rather than actual data: Instead of meaningful data, the repetitive data is kept as codes. As a result, the value must always be obtained from the lookup table. The main issue is that the data model is difficult to query upon. This indicates that the data model is designed for applications rather than ad hoc queries. Normalization is critical for database design and development since it allows for the creation of smaller databases. We will be able to lower the total size of the database by removing duplicate entries. By offering ->, it improves database speed. Narrow tables: Having more fine-tuned tables allows your tables to have fewer columns and fit more records per data page. It also results in fewer indexes per table, which means faster maintenance chores like index rebuilds. This makes the database appear nice and easy to use.

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