References: you must use at least 6 sources (that are credible,


References: You must use at least 6 sources (that are credible, up-to-date, and relevant) to support your argument/claim. All sources must be cited both in-text and in the References section of your paper using APA 6th edition format.

NOTE: you need to use the 6 references and you could add more but you need to cite it. also, it needs to be Written Persuasive Appeal

1- mIt’s Time to Make College Tuition Free and Debt Free…

2-Laura Pappano The New York Times. (JAN. 31, 2017) . Colleges Discover the Rural Student. student.html

3- Carol Christ. (May 23, 2015). Higher education: Should college be free for all?. http://

4-Redd, L. (n.d.). Should College Be Free? Heres What You Need to Consider. Retrieved November 06, 2017, from

5-Why College Tuition Should Be Free. (2017, September 07). Retrieved November 06, 2017, from…

6-Its Time to Push for Free College. (n.d.). Retrieved November 06, 2017, from http://

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