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student 1 – Business and economic activities have a significant impact on the process of globalization. The advancement in technology has facilitated and accelerated these economic activities as we see today. The growth of the internet is one such example as it continues to transform business as we know it. The process of globalization has been changing the economic activities at large which includes financial and banking services, real estate, education, transportation and others. The globalizing pursuits are driven by the increasing number of internet users as well as internet access availability. An on-line marketplace should create its approach to be accessible across cultures so it may gain extra clients at various geographical areas. Online Marketers could not solely increase conversions for their online purchases however it’s also very important to get new potential clients and current clients to go back to their website. Some of the benefits of social media include making enterprise-primarily based communication more accessible, rising brand recognition and the chance to interact and communicate with followers. The place that social media is concerned, a social network affords you the prospect to create and grow a powerful network of people who are all sharing the identical goal. Customized cross-cultural website visitors are extremely essential in today’s cross-cultural businesses. The international market has become a global community with a lot of different cultures existing side-by-side. It’s vital for companies that their website’s navigation is customized to make sure that they can get the most of cross-cultural visitors from the international market. 

student 2  – People usually think that a business can survive for long period if they earn more and more profits, but in real along with profits it is also very important for the businesses to maintain good relation with their stakeholders group as stakeholders plays a very important role in achieving the targeted goals and objectives. A business need to include the cultural values of the region they are operating within, for example, if they are operating in nation where animal cruelty is considered as wrong and unethical, businesses should try to make sure that they do not harm any animal through any of their operations as it will directly hurt the sentiments and emotions of the stakeholders and that in turn will also impact the profits of the business and its growth (Weedmark, 2021).

            If the business is operating only in one country, then it may be easy for them to follow cultural values and principles but if the business is operating internationally, that is It has number of branches all over the world then it may become difficult for the business to follow the values, principles of each and every country as every country has its own culture, religion, beliefs etc., In such situations it is important for the managers to have idea about the cultures and values followed in different nations or else they may face disputes and conflicts because of the differences in cultural values. 

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