Research papaer | Research and methods | Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University



A template will be provided to assist in completing your final research paper. Students will be given an opportunity to make revisions, if needed, before submitting the final paper. It is wise to review other sample s of research papers. Also, refer to the PowerPoint for information to help write the best paper possible.

  • Include a cover page with specific elements for full credit. Find an appropriate image to place underneath last cover page element. Size the image appropriately to complement the coverpage.

Paper must be at least 11-12 typed pages (see below), 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, NO justified margins

  • Page 1 – Cover page with elements and correctly formatted running head
  • Page 2 – Table of Contents
  • Page 3 – Abstract
  • Pages 4 – 10 – Body of the Paper (total pages 6 -7)
  • Page 11 – After the last page of the body of your paper, include the questionnaire/survey questions you created in Assignment 3
  • APA compliant reference page with at least 10 scholarly and/or peer reviewed journal article references within five (5) years old. ALL references must have an author’s name. NO websites or Wikipedia are allowed. If you find that you need to use a government website, you MUST obain approval first.  

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