Research paper (5 pages) | Criminal homework help

Students will write a research paper about a topic in Police Management that is of interest to them. Examples of past selections are Police Administration conforming to new guidelines; Eliminating Bias in policing; Creating Public Outreach Programs; Best Practices in Police Services; etc. The paper will be in APA format and contain an introduction explaining your topic and what you seek to accomplish, the body of the research with your thesis statement and the steps toward achievement, and a conclusion with a summary bringing everything together.  The paper must contain in-text citations from at least three sources.  One source must be the textbook the others are your choice.  Your topic must be pre- approved by the instructor so formulate a hypothesis you wish to explore and submit via email. Topics must be selected and approved by Professor Forde no later than week 3. Papers are due on or before Week 13. Late papers will be subjected to a penalty of -10 points every day after the due date

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