Research paper – historical figure in medicine original work, no

  • Read “The Legacy of Henrietta Lacks” (Links to an external site.) and consider the following questions. This is an example of the final research paper to be submitted in Module 8.
    • Who is the audience?
    • What is the topic and purpose of this article?
    • What are three medically intriguing main ideas of the Henrietta Lacks case?
  • Now, select a historical figure who has had a significant impact on modern-day medicine.
  • Research the life, career, and medical contribution for your selected historical figure.
  • Gather a minimum of three credible resources to use in your research paper.

Citation: Johns Hopkins Medicine. (n.d.). The legacy of Henrietta Lacks.

    • Hook (quotation, provocative question, compelling statement, fact, statistic, or brief anecdote)
    • Context/Background of Subject/Person
    • Working Thesis
  • BODY
    • Section 1 (3–4 paragraphs.)
      • Include background information on your person from your research. Include various types of support (quotations, hard evidence, explanation).
    • Section 2 (1–2 paragraphs.)
      • Are there reviews against this person’s accomplishment? What does the opposition say? Explain one main objection developed or an overview of several objections. Include various types of support (quotation, hard evidence, explanation, and example).
    • Section 3 (1 paragraph)
      • Your rebuttal (refutation) to the counterargument: Why might they be wrong or misguided? Include various types of support (quotation, hard evidence, explanation, and example).
    • Restate your thesis
    • Recap your subtopics
    • Leave the reader on a thoughtful note (refer to the same choices as for your intro hooks). 
  • The activity should follow APA (7th ed.) format.
  • This assignment should be a minimum of three pages in length.
  • Submit your written assignment as a Microsoft Word document.

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