Review literature of data warehousing trends

For this task, you will use this week’s readings as background information, and conduct a comprehensive literature search. Locate six additional scholarly, peer-reviewed works that provide sufficient background for a literature review on the topic of managing data warehouses. The focus should be on best practices, tool evaluation, and/or review of systems. Each section must be formatted properly and must have a logical flow and transition between them. The final submission must be in APA format and contain a title page, table of contents, and reference list.

For each work covered, be sure to include:

– The work’s purpose.

– A concise summary of its contents.

– Its relevance to the topic.

– An analysis of the contribution’s unique characteristics.

– Your critical analysis of the study’s strengths and weaknesses.

Ensure an intuitive correlation and reference to any works other than those directly annotated that provide additional breadth and depth to the subject matter.

Length: 4 pages, not including title and reference pages. APA.

References: 6 scholarly references

Required Readings:

Simion, D., & Vasile, E. (2017). Applications for businesses that uses relational databases. Internal Auditing & Risk Management

TekSlate. (2016). Data warehouse tutorials.

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