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Mea & Sims (2019) presents the “Human Dignity-Centered” Framework that business leaders
can adopt to build an ethos of humanistic management. Using this conceptual framework,
examine one of the motivational theories (behaviorism, need-hierarchy, theory x & theory y,
two-factor theory, JCM, Equity Theory, expectancy theory, goal setting, or social cognitive
theory) listed in Cafferkey’s (2017) editorial on opportunities for further study (pages 79-81).

In your examination, discuss the ethical and legal foundations of this motivational theory,
examples of it found within Biblical scripture, and discuss how it fits (or doesn’t) with the
Human Dignity-Centered Framework.

This paper should draw on a minimum of ten substantial journal article resources and will be 10
pages in length observing all APA style conventions.

A good outline of your paper is as follows:

Title Page

Introduction: this section includes a definition of the motivational theory, a definition from Mea
& Sims of the Human Dignity Centered Framework, the general connection between those two
and an idea of how you will organize your paper.  

Ethical and Legal Foundations of ____ Motivational Theory: This section of your paper will
include a discussion of the ethical and legal backgrounds of your motivational theory supported
by the articles that you found.

Biblical Scripture Examples of ____ Motivational Theory: This section will include a
discussion of some of the examples of scripture that support a particular motivational theory.

Human Dignity-Centered Framework: This section should include a further discussion of the
framework. You should also show your motivational theory connects or doesn’t with this
framework by connecting to specific examples. 

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