School of buddism | English homework help


Discuss the branches of Buddhism.
Look for resources and record the differences between the schools.

PART II (60 points)

Complete the following:


Research this school of Buddhism using the course textbook only. Do not use outside resources without first getting instructor approval.

Create a 10-to 12-minute10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes. Speaker notes should be included in the “Notes” section of each slide, and should match the speaker notes.

Address the following in your presentation:


  • Briefly explain the basic teachings of Buddhism (use the textbook)
  • Explain what makes the chosen school of Buddhism unique (use the textbook)

Include citations IN YOUR SLIDES for both information and images.
Include a reference slide listing all resources used for both information and images.
Format citations and the reference slide consistent with APA guidelines.

Submit the Schools of Buddhism Presentation. 

Present the Schools of Buddhism Presentation in class 

Complete and submit the Individual Worksheet for the Schools of Buddhism Presentation. 



PART 2 Assignment:


Complete and submit the Buddhism Worksheet using Chapter 4 (Buddism) of Experiencing the World’s Religions as your resource. Do not use outside resources for this assignment.  

Cite and reference all paraphrased information (anything not common knowledge, which is most, if not all, of this) in-text according to APA guidelines. Do not use quotations in your answers. (These answers are too brief for quotes. Use your own words.) Mechanics count! Use good grammar and proper punctuation. Write in complete sentences.

Do not reformat the worksheet and do not delete anything from it. When saving your completed worksheet, please change “LastName” in the filename to your last name.

If you have questions, please ask!

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