Section 6: chapter 10 – game theory: inside oligopoly chapter

Section 6:





Chapter 10 – Game Theory:  Inside Oligopoly

Chapter 11 – Pricing Strategies for Firms with Market Power


Read Everyday Economic Statistics and complete at least 3 sites and 3 indicators for ECO 87501 FINAL PROJECT (see ADDITIONAL RESOURSE FOLDER ECO 87501 FINAL PROJECT for details).




Please read Chapters 10 and 11 in your Primary Text and the supplemental text Everyday Economic Statistics.


Assignment 13





Case Analysis: Case learning is a method of applying theory to sound practical real world applications. Each selected case provides a description of a problem situation taken from a specific company. The purpose of each case is to augment the course content with applications that enable the CalSouthern Learner to apply text materials to a problem and solve that application problem using Learner selected methods and procedures.




There are no exact answers or perfect solutions to case problems. Indeed, each recommended solution and justification can and is usually different comparatively amongst a group of respondents. The solution must fit the case and must be vigorously supported. The problem statement, analysis, selected solution, and especially the justification of the selected solution, are all critical elements in the case method. There are no short cuts to case presentations but a formalized methodology that enables the case presenter the optimal way to solve the case problem.




In addition to the case analysis; be sure to answer all of the questions given for the case. Your responses must be complete, using terminology and concepts presented in the primary textbook as well as supplementary resources. You must read and follow the Case Submittal Format file found in the course resources area. Please double-space, use 12 point font, with one inch margins. Be sure to cite your resources and provide the references using APA format. Remember to reference all work cited or quoted by the text authors. You should be doing this often in your responses.



Prepare a case proposal document (CASE FORMAT) describing American Airlines company and presenting the economic aspects of pricing. Cover ideas and insights about the case. This assignment must cover American Airlines and focus on competition as covered in Chapter 11. You are encouraged to use the Internet and California Southern University’s Online Library resources.






Assignment Outcomes


Apply sensitivity analyses in business decisions by using concept of elasticity.


Support the use of econometric tools to analyze data, make forecasts, and present results.


Identify how group and individual decisions may differ under different market structures.


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