Senator’s decision | Economics homework help


In this assignment you will take the role of a U.S. Senator that will soon debate and vote on Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996. This law is currently being examined and considered for amendment with broad implications for how both business and individuals use the internet.

1) Assignment Instructions:


2) Please find below a Wikipedia article on Section 230. (in the attachment) This article is under development and not complete, but represents a good starting point for answering the questions posed in the assignment. Feel free to augment your research with other sources.  List your sources as appropriate in your paper.

3) Create your paper as a .doc, rtf, or pdf file. Label your filename “Senator’s Decision” Turn in your paper using the “submit assignment” button located above.  

4) Wall Street Journal introduction and video review of Section 230: to an external site.

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