Skill builder #5 | Management homework help

INSTRUCTIONS: This is a writing assignment that covers the assigned materials (readings, videos, lectures, etc.) for Module 5. Download the Skill Builder #5 assignment template (the link is found below), then write your answers directly into that template (it is a WORD file). Write a minimum of 150 words for each question. Save your changes, then rename the WORD document file as follows: LASTNAME_SB5.docx (your last name followed by an underscore, then the SB5 indication). Then upload the completed assignment to Moodle. This is a TURNITIN assignment on Moodle, which means that when you submit it, you will be submitting it to TURNITIN, and thus receive an originality report indicating possible plagiarism or cheating (there have been problems in the past with students copying the work from past students, or copying from materials previously posted on the internet). You may keep uploading versions of your assignment until you are satisfied with your TURNITIN Originality Report. Remember, you may only obtain a TURNITIN Originality Report once every 24 hours; so allow yourself plenty of time to resubmit if necessary.

This is a Socratic exercise – an opportunity for you to think and express your thoughts. This assignment is a reflection of the degree to which you are engaged in the course material, and how well you learned the topics assigned this week. The emphasis of this assignment is synthesis – the connecting of dots – where you tie together in a meaningful way (1) the assigned readings and videos, (2) current business and world events, and (3) your previous knowledge and experience. 


1. read/ watch attached material & RUBRIC 

2. READ skill builder questions 

3. FILL out SKill builder #5 TEMPLATE 

4. Attach Turn It RESULTS


READ: “Lean Startup” book, Ch 11, p224-252 (Adapt) (click here for optional 15-min video lecture)

READ: “Lean Startup” book, Ch 12, p253-271 (Innovate) (click here for optional 17-min video lecture)

READ: “Innovator’s Method” book, Ch 1, p17-42 (The Innovator’s Method) (click here for optional 6-min video lecture)

READ: “Innovator’s Method” book, Ch 2, p43-66 (Leadership in the Age of Uncertainty) (click here for optional 18-min video lecture)


MIT: What is Innovation? [4 min]

What is Disruptive Innovation? [2 min]

Clayton Christensen’s Innovator’s Dilemma [6 min]

Clayton Christenson about Disruptive Innovation [12 min]

Debating Christensen’s Theory of Disruptive Technology [5 min]

Design Thinking (an HBR video) [2 min]

Innovation Strategy: Timing and Scope [1 min]

IDEO’s Tim Brown [5 min]

Four Ways to Think Like an Innovator [2 min]

Four Methods for Corporate Innovators [3 min]

Innovation is NOT Creativity: IT’s a Discipline You Manage [6 min]

Why Does Corporate DNA Matter? [2 min]

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