Soci | Social Science homework help

1. Explain habitualization and how it relates to the social construction of reality. Make sure that you use an example from society.

2. Draw a large circle, and then “slice” the circle into pieces like a pie, labeling each piece with a role or status that you occupy. Add as many statuses, ascribed and achieved, that you have. Don’t forget things like dog owner, gardener, traveler, student, runner, and employee. How many statuses do you have? In which ones are there role conflicts?

3. Discuss socialization over the life course. Is there a difference between how your parents were socialized and how you were socialized? Make sure you discuss at least one aspect of your socialization.

4. How has technology changed your primary groups and secondary groups? Do you have more (and separate) primary groups due to online connectivity? Do you believe that someone, like Levy (discussed in Chapter 6), can have a true primary group made up of people she has never met? Why, or why not? 

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