Stock analysis report s&p 100 index



1. Select 1 stocks – one belonging to the S&P 100 Index (Links to an external site.) 

2. Conduct a top-down analysis for the stock.

3. Assess the health of the economy and project economic forecast into the future.

o Global Economy: Beginning at the global level may turn your focus on how major economies across the world are doing. Has economic expansion been consistently moving higher or at least showing signs of improvement?

o Local Economy: Looking at the local economy would be analyzing a specific country or even region. Many times due to fluctuations in currencies, employment, government stimulus and taxation issues among other things, specific countries may be doing better economically than others.

o Industry Level: Which industry may be doing better than others, and their outlook?

o Specific Business Level: Take a look at potential individual businesses within that industry.

o Resource: Conference Board’s Economic Outlook (Links to an external site.).

o Resource: World Economic Forecast, IMF (Links to an external site.).

4. Conduct Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis (Links to an external site.) using “How Competitive Forces Shape Strategy” by Michael E. Porter, March 1979.

5. Financial Statement Analysis.

6. DDM and DCF Analysis.

7. Overall recommendation.

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